Clorox Shower Curtain Liner for Ultimate Bathroom Hygiene

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Clorox Shower Curtain Liner – You know you’re an adult when you start pondering deep existential questions such as: “Why does toast always fall butter-side down?” or “Which way does the Clorox shower curtain liner face?” Fear not, folks, for we’ve undertaken this challenging journey of bathroom decor research just for you. Behold, the mysteries of the shower curtain liner are unveiled!

Firstly, let’s get something out of the way. If you expect the liner to come with big, flashing neon signs saying “THIS SIDE OUT,” you’re in for a disappointment. We’re dealing with shower curtain liners, not the Las Vegas Strip.

Here’s the deal:

The Clorox shower curtain liner usually has a shinier side and a more matte side. The more polished side repels water and prevents mold and mildew. Now, logic (and my grandma) says this side should face the shower, i.e., face inward. Why? Because it has one job: fight off the water like a knight warding off dragons. We all want a brave knight guarding our castle (or bathroom), right?

The matte side, on the other hand, is meant to face outward. It’s the socially acceptable side that your guests will judge you on if they ever peek into your bathroom. And we know they will – it’s like a universal law or something.

Now, I know some rebels out there will say, “I’ll hang it however I want! It’s my bathroom!” I say, “Power to you, bathroom warrior!” However, remember that flipping it incorrectly might result in a soggy, moldy liner faster than you can say “Clorox.”

A Quick Tip about Clorox Shower Curtain Liner:

If you’re super confused and you’ve bought a Clorox shower curtain liner that feels the same on both sides, it’s okay. Pick a side, declare it the “outside,” and move on. Sometimes, in the throes of bathroom décor drama, confidence is vital.

In Conclusion 

Rest easy if you ever find yourself lying awake at night pondering the existential mysteries of shower curtain liners. The shinier side faces the shower, and the matte side faces the world. Or, in the end, do what makes you happy; after all, it’s just a curtain. Just be prepared for some serious side-eye from the bathroom connoisseurs in your life.

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