Concrete Skirting Around House: Stylish Foundation Protection

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Concrete skirting around house: If you’ve been thinking about giving your house something extra and aren’t looking for the same old “plant-a-tree” or “paint-a-wall” advice, buckle up, buttercup! We’re delving into concrete skirting – the home’s equivalent of a stylish belt for a pair of pants. Just like people, homes sometimes need accessories to look their snazziest.

Why Concrete Skirting Around House?

  1. Durability: This differs from that flimsy plastic skirting that cracks if you look at it incorrectly. Concrete is strong and built to last. It’s like giving your home sturdy boots, ready for a wild adventure – or just another rainy season.
  2. Pest Control: Bugs and critters are like the pesky neighbors who always find their way into your weekend BBQs uninvited. Concrete skirting can help keep them out of your house foundation. Because let’s face it, nobody likes uninvited guests. Especially the kind that has more than two legs.
  3. Insulation: Concrete skirting acts as an insulator. It helps maintain temperatures, whether you’re looking to keep the house warm in the winter or excellent in the summer. Think of it as your house’s thermal blanket – snuggly and protective!

How to Do It?

Before you run off to mix cement in your backyard, remember that DIY isn’t for everyone. And if your idea of DIY is assembling a pre-made sandwich, then hiring a professional is the route for you. But for those brave souls willing to give it a shot:

  1. Preparation: Like a good steak marinade, the key to a solid concrete skirt lies in the practice. Clean the perimeter of your home, remove any obstructions, and make sure the ground is level. There is a better time to be lopsided!
  2. Measurement: Measure twice, pour once. Or was it cut once? Either way, get those measurements right!
  3. Mixing and Pouring: Ah, the fun part! Mix your concrete as per the instructions, and ensure you have the right consistency. You might need to do it differently if your mix looks more like a pancake batter than a thick milkshake.
  4. Setting and Curing: Allow the concrete to set correctly. There is a better time to get impatient and start doodling in the wet cement, even if it does sound tempting. Once set, keep it moist to allow it to cure without cracking. A little TLC never hurt anyone, right?

Wrap Up

So, there you have it, folks! concrete skirting around house: the house upgrade you didn’t know you needed. Remember, it’s more than just an aesthetic choice – it’s a concrete decision (pun intended) to keep your home standing tall and proud. And if anyone asks, tell them your house isn’t skirting around its responsibilities!

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