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You might think that a carpet is just a carpet. Wrong! Like Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly, DeHart Carpet Company knows how to pair comfort and style in a way that makes you wonder why you ever settled for that boring beige floor mat in the first place.

Why DeHart Carpet? More like, Why Not?

The first thing you’ll notice when you step into a DeHart showroom—or when your foot lands on a DeHart rug—is the feeling that you’re walking on clouds. Yes, the kind of clouds that wouldn’t dare to rain on your parade! This company has mastered the art of cushioning, like a mattress that took a yoga class and achieved the ultimate zen.

Customization? They’ve Got You Covered!

Do you want a rug that matches the exact hue of your cat’s eyes? DeHart’s on it. Need a carpet that can resist stains from your toddler’s relentless juice spills? No sweat—or juice! DeHart Carpet Company is so customizable, that even Cinderella would trade in her glass slipper for a piece of this action.

Humor Me With Durability

“Carpet and durability go together like pineapple and pizza,” said no one ever—except maybe at DeHart. Here, they’ve got carpets that could survive a zombie apocalypse, if that were a thing. But hey, it’s 2023, so who knows, right? Imagine a rug as challenging as your grandma playing bingo on a Saturday night. Yes, it’s that durable!

Price Point: 

Now, let’s talk money, honey. At a price, we all know quality comes. But at DeHart, they’ve found the sweet spot where your wallet can breathe easy. For the cost of a couple of dinners at that fancy sushi place you pretend to like, you could be toe-wiggling on a carpet that treats your feet like royalty.

Let’s Talk Eco-Friendly

In a world where straws are the enemy, and your car gives you the stink-eye for not being electric, DeHart Carpet Company is keeping it green. Their carpets are as environmentally friendly as a vegan at a salad bar. If Mother Earth had a living room, you can bet she’d have a DeHart rug smack in the middle of it.


DeHart Carpet Company is more than just a place to buy floor coverings. It’s a lifestyle choice, people! You know where to go if you’ve been considering treating yourself or your feet to a new carpet. Step up your game, and your floor, with DeHart. Your toes will thank you.

Feet, meet DeHart. DeHart, meet feet. It’s a match made in floor heaven.

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