How Is Carpet Measured? Guide In 5 Easy Steps

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Carpets are the most elegant accessorizing elements for upgrading the decoration of any place. They can boost the appearance of any place and make it look luxurious. Carpets are getting more and more innovative with the diversity of time and the variation of trends. However, the important thing to consider before buying them is how is carpet measured.

Measuring carpet is important whether you buy it for homes, offices, or other local places. Measuring carpets is also known as the measurement of the area. This is because here people measure the length and width of the area to get the carpet. In addition, if you are wondering how to measure carpet? There are many ways through which people can measure carpets for their property.

Due to the availability of multiple ways people get confused easily as they do not know which method is more accurate and efficient. But the best method to measure the carpet is to find the length and width of the area according to the carpet. By measuring length and width you will find the square footage. However, we will discuss some easy ways in this article through which you can measure carpet easily.

Let’s discuss different ways of taking measurements of carpets.

How is Carpet Measured through Simple Steps?

Numerous ways are available to measure the right size of the carpet. You can make your work easier and more efficient by following these easy ways. So have a look at the steps of how is carpet measured? 

1. Grab Required Tools

First of all, you have to gather some basic tools and materials that are required for taking measurements of your carpets that are usually available at your home anytime as:

Grab Required Tools


  • Pen or Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Graph Paper for Drawing
  • Calculator for Estimation
  • Laptop or Computer (If needed)

2. Make a Drawing First

The next step in measuring the carpet size is to make a drawing of the area. To make the area you need some tools like a pen, paper, and 25-foot tape. On the paper, draw a simple drawing of your home. If you are not good at drawing then you can use the computer program.

Many computer programs are available whereby just drag and drop elements you can easily make multiple drawings. If you do not know about this efficient software then you can simply use paint software. It is available on all PC systems and you can avail it for how is carpet measured.

Here the important thing to consider is not the drawing but the measurements. So instead of focusing on making a home try to keep measurements accurate. Also, make sure to draw all the rooms in the actual direction if you are buying carpets for multiple rooms. In addition, if you have a double-story house then make two drawings, one for the upper floor and one for the lower floor. So that for both the floors you can get the correct measurement.

3. Taking Precise Measurements

After making a drawing the last but not least step is the measurement. Physically measure the length and width of the room and write the accurate measurements on the home diagram that you made. In measurement, you can round up each measurement to the ½ foot mark. For example, if your room measurement is 15 feet 3 inches long.

Taking Precise Measurements

Then you can round it up to the 15 feet 6 inches or 15.5 inches mark. The benefit of this extra measurement is that you can use the extra inches for multiple purposes. The best advantage is that you can easily place the carpet on the floor. Another reason for different measurements is that carpet length can easily decrease due to multiple cuttings.

In the case of how is carpet measured, the carpet that you order will not fit in the place and your money will get wasted if you miss any single detail of measuring carpet. So make sure to round up the 15 feet 8 inches measurement to the 16 feet mark. The other thing to remember here is that first measure the length of the area than the width to get a uniform measurement.

If you get confused between the length and the width then do not worry. The simple rule is that length is from east to west while the width is from north to south. Use the large measuring tape to calculate the distance. Also, keep the tape tight so that you get accurate numbers.

Measure the Middle of the Doorways

There are different places in your homes where you can install carpets except in rooms as doorways. All of the rooms have a doorway leading into our room unless you entered by a step.

While some of the rooms have additional doorways to their closets and bathrooms. Make sure to measure into the middle of all the doorways for measuring carpet. This approach will add 2 to 3 inches to your overall measurement and If you have a doorway at the end of the room then you may need to add up to 6 inches to the total dimension of the room.

Measure to the middle of the door frame for each wall that has a doorway including closet doors, and use the highest number of inches for both width and length.

Measure the carpet for the staircase

Measuring the stairs yourselves involves particular considerations of the shape, size, and configuration of the stairs. For achieving the objective of how is carpet measured, be sure to measure around the ledge at the top of the stairs, when you measure an area that leads to your stairs going down like a hallway. Hold your tape measure against the opposite wall and wrap it around the nosing until it touches the back of the stair below.

Measure the rise and run of the stairs and round up to the nearest foot. Multiply the width from step 4 by the length from step 3 and add in any landings you have. Then multiply the width and length of the landing and add that number. If you have an irregular, circular or unique setup of stairs hiring a professional is the best option to go for.

4. Calculation for Distinct Locations

The next step for how to measure carpet after taking measurements of stairs and doorways is calculation. Here you will use all the measurements that you find in the second step. So make a list of all the measurements and multiply the length by width. Do not mix the measurements and keep the calculation of each room separately.

This is because by multiplying the length and width of a single room you will get the total square footage. If you are confused yet then have a look at the following example and clear out your confusion.

Length x Width = ?

Hall = 16.0 x 4.5 = 72.0

Living room = 28.5 x 15.0 = 427.5

Bedroom1 = 16.0 x 9.5 = 152.0

Hall = 16.0 x 9.5 = 152.0

Bedroom2 = 16.0 x 9.5 = 152.0

By adding up all the measurements you will get the total area which is 788.5 square feet.

5. Keep Carpet Extra for Seams

After calculation, this is the last step of measuring the carpet. In this step add 5% to the total measurement. In this way, you will get the extra carpet for seams. This extra piece will also help you to complete the carpet placing job. So do not forget this step to add ease to work.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Each of the above steps in measuring the carpet is significant and noteworthy. So while you are looking to know how is carpet measured? do not forget any of the steps. Also, make sure to follow the steps in a sequence. Start the process by making a drawing and then measure the length and width of each room.

Make a list of measurements and multiply them to calculate the area. Once you get the area of each room, sum it up and get a single value that represents the area of the whole home.

If you have a two-story home then repeat these steps for the upper story and do not forget to add the 5% to the total value to get the extra carpet. This is because it helps to place the carpet easily. Read this article thoroughly to help yourself. I hope this article will assist you in the completion of your project.

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