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How to Find Your iPhone in Carpet

How to Find Your iPhone in Carpet: In 7 Easy Steps

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t find your iPhone in carpet, and you’ve already turned your house upside down? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re about to turn it right side up! By the end of this guide, you won’t be one carpet fiber away from losing your mind.

Step 1: The Classic Palm-to-Forehead Move

Alright, first things first: *Retrace your steps. Yep, that old chestnut. Think about the last place you saw your phone. Kitchen? Bathroom? Have we buried a treasure spot in the yard? Start there. And if it’s not there, don’t sweat it. We’re just getting started. Your iPhone can’t outsmart us forever!

Step 2: Be The Light You Wish to See

Grab a flashlight, your roommate’s phone, or the sun—anything that can cast a bit of light. Dim the room. Shine the light across the carpet. You’re not performing a séance; you’re just making it easier for that cheeky device to catch the light and reveal its location. This move’s so simple, that even a cave dweller could do it. *Sorry, no offense to any cavemen reading this.

Step 3: Call Your Phone, But Don’t Expect It to Answer

Remember, your iPhone was designed to make and receive calls, not just for browsing memes and ignoring text messages. Get a friend to dial your number and turn up the volume. This would be so much easier if iPhones could get lonely and call out for us, but alas.

Step 4: The All-Seeing iCloud

You’re already ahead of the curve if you’ve set up the **Find My iPhone** feature! Log into iCloud and use the app to send signals to your phone. But you forgot to set that up if you’re reading this article. So, let’s go back to the caveman approach.

Step 5: Become a Furniture Mover

Shake out your cushions, check under your bed, and look behind your TV.* Think of any place you last cleaned in months ago; that’s a potential hideout. Your iPhone might just be taking a break from you. After all, you do spend an awful lot of time together.

Step 6: Get Belly Down on That Carpet

Crouch down to carpet level, as if you’re playing a game of hide and seek with your three-year-old cousin. Scan the area. If your iPhone is down there, this is the view it’s been seeing. Enjoy it, too; you might as well.

Step 7: When All Else Fails, Sit Down and Give Up

Ironically, this is often when miracles happen. You sit down, frustrated, and there it is—peeking out from an obscure angle, probably between two couch cushions acting like it’s Narnia.


Finding an iPhone on a carpet is a modern-day quest. If King Arthur were alive today, he’d probably lose Excalibur in a shag rug. But hopefully, after following these steps, you’ve found your technological Excalibur. You can return to using it for what it was truly designed for: ignoring calls and browsing social media.

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