20+ Ideas for Outdoor Pumpkin Decor for Halloween and Fall

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Outdoor Pumpkin Decor for Halloween and Fall: Pumpkins are a quintessential element of Halloween and autumn decorations, offering various options for every budget and aesthetic. They’re available in many shapes and sizes, making them cost-effective and a delight to embellish. For those in search of creative inspiration.

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20 ideas for Outdoor Pumpkin Decor for Halloween and Fall

Here are over 20 ideas for decorating pumpkins outdoors

Carved pumpkins

Carved pumpkins are a classic Halloween decoration, and there are endless possibilities for design. You can go for a traditional scary look or something more whimsical or comedic. Here are a few ideas:

  • Jack-o’-lantern: The classic carved pumpkin face.
  • Cat: A spooky black cat with glowing green eyes.
  • Bat: A flying bat with sharp teeth.
  • Witch: A witch with a pointy hat and broom.
  • Ghost: A friendly or spooky ghost.
  • Pumpkin man: A pumpkin with a carved face and arms and legs.
  • Pumpkin family: A group of pumpkins carved into different family members, such as a mom, dad, kids, and pets.
  • Funny pumpkin: A pumpkin with a humorous design, such as wearing a hat or sunglasses or a pumpkin with a funny face.

No-carve pumpkins

If you need more time to feel up to carving pumpkins or have young children who want to help, there are plenty of no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas. Here are a few:

  • Painted pumpkins: Paint your pumpkins in your favorite colors or designs. You can opt for acrylic paint, spray paint, or chalkboard paint.
  • Decorated pumpkins: Add embellishments to your pumpkins, such as glitter, sequins, stickers, or fabric. You can also glue on googly eyes, fake teeth, or other craft supplies.
  • Wrapped pumpkins: Wrap your pumpkins in fabric or ribbon. You can also use burlap, twine, or other materials to create a unique look.
  • Stacking pumpkins: Stack pumpkins of different sizes to create a pyramid or other shape.
  • Pumpkin topiary: Create a pumpkin topiary by stacking pumpkins on top of each other and securing them with skewers. You can then add leaves, flowers, or other embellishments to the top.

Other pumpkin decorating ideas

Here are a few different pumpkin decorating ideas that you can try:

Pumpkin candles: Cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin and insert a candle. You can also carve out a design in the pumpkin to let the light shine through.

Pumpkin planters: Cut the top part of the pumpkin and empty out the seeds and inner contents. Add potting soil to the hollowed pumpkin and plant flowers, herbs, or succulents.

Pumpkin lanterns: Cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin and insert a string of battery-operated lights. You can also carve out a design in the pumpkin to let the light shine through.

Hanging pumpkins: Using twine or ribbon, hang pumpkins from trees, porches, or fences. You could also utilize a pumpkin carving set to craft faces that can be hung up.

Funny pumpkin decorating ideas

Here are a few funny pumpkin decorating ideas:

  • Pumpkin with a monocle and top hat: Give your pumpkin a sophisticated look with a monocle and top hat.
  • Pumpkin with a mustache and beard: Give your pumpkin a manly look with a mustache and beard.
  • Pumpkin with glasses: Give your pumpkin a nerdy look with glasses.
  • Pumpkin with a tongue: Give your pumpkin a silly face with a language.
  • Pumpkin with a crown: Give your pumpkin a regal look with a crown.

No matter how you decorate your pumpkins, you will have a spooktacular Halloween and fall season.

Here is a funny poem about pumpkin decorating:

Pumpkin decorating

It’s so much fun to decorate a pumpkin, Whether it’s scary, funny, or cute. You can carve it, paint it, or wrap it in fabric. The possibilities are endless, that’s for sure.

Here’s a funny poem to get you started:

My pumpkin is so silly; It’s got a big grin.It’s wearing a hatAnd a pair of sunglasses.

My pumpkin is the best, and It’s the funniest one around.It’s sure to make everyone smile,Even on a gloomy day.

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