Which Carpets are Best For Bedrooms: Top Picks & Tips

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Which Carpets are Best For Bedrooms: Exploring Fibers and Factors” – Today we are going to talk about the types of fibers for your carpets that are most popular.

Best Carpet Materials for Bedrooms

Nylon Carpet:

If you have a lot of active kids or you tend to see a lot more foot traffic going through certain areas of your home, you might want to consider a nylon carpet.

The reason for this is nylon has an inherent strength and durability that’s unmatched by any but the strongest of fibers in the carpet-making industry. Because of this, you’ll see more patterns made in nylon than anything else due to which this can be used in pattern carpeting.

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Polyester Carpet:

If you have less foot traffic, you may want to consider a polyester carpet, which has an inherent softness and feels great underfoot, perfect for bedrooms or formal living rooms that don’t see the foot traffic that you see on stairways or in hallways.

Carpet Stain Resistance

If you’re a family that tends to eat in the living room or has a pet that has frequent accidents, you might want to look at a polyester carpet.

Polyester is inherently stain-resistant and will resist discoloration more readily than nylon, which needs special treatments or dyeing processes to be as stain-resistant as polyester would be. Just a quick tip, make sure that you consult the carpet and rug institute list of recommended vacuums for your carpet to make sure you’re not avoiding the warranty on your floor.

Carpet Stain Resistance

Another thing to consider is how long you can expect your carpeting to last. While having a good pad is important, the fiber is also important to consider when choosing which carpet. Nylon will last longer and still look very fresh for years to come.

Polyester Carpet vs. Nylon Carpet

Aspect Polyester Nylon
Durability May wear out sooner Known for its durability
Color Vibrancy Offers vibrant colors Colors may not be as vibrant
Appearance Wide variety of colors Unique, tailored look
Cost More affordable, ideal Slightly higher cost
Factors to Consider (For Short-term Use and Long-term Investment) Face weight, twist, density, and backing, and more Face weight, twist, density, and backing, and more

Additionally, consider factors like face weight, twist, density, and backing when evaluating carpet quality.

Which Carpets are Best For Bedrooms?

So when it comes to choosing the right carpet style for a bedroom, there are a lot of fibers to choose from but we’re going to focus on the most common. That’s polyester. Second, there’s smart strand and third, there’s nylon. Each one of those fibers has its own characteristics and is going to help you decide which carpets are best for bedrooms.

Polyester Carpet:

Everything about polyester is awesome. It has a wide range of colors, good fibers, and it’s easy to clean. But it is weak, that’s the problem with polyester. Over time polyester yarns are weak and they get tired and go down. So what we do is we’ll go and vacuum over top of those yarns that spruces them back up and they’re staying up again but then immediately you start walking over and they’re laying back down.

So, one exception I’m going to make in my suggestions is to try to find fiber in a carpet that’s going to stay put in high-traffic areas like a bedroom carpet like polyester fiber.

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SmartStrand Carpet:

SmartStrand is right in between polyester and nylon in its quality and in strength. Again, the smart strand is going to be twisted together in heat set and it’s going to want to hold that heat set for longer.

SmartStrand Carpet


The reality we have to keep in mind is that all carpets eventually are going to melt down. Our goal when trying to choose a carpet is to choose one that’s going to stay up and stand the longest.


Nylon Carpet:

Nylon’s been around a long time. Nylon is durable. Nylon’s not nearly as soft as polyester and smart strand, but nylon tends, once those yarns are twisted together and heat set, it tends to hold that heat-set better for longer. And that’s what we’re looking for when we’re purchasing a carpet that’s going to withstand high traffic.

Looped Carpet:

The type of carpet that is going to withstand matting down, the best is going to be a looped carpet or some people call it Berber carpeting or a mix of a cut fiber and a loop. Either one of those is going to hold up the best to high traffic.

Plush Carpet:

A plush carpet means that the fibers are longer and taller and the stitch or the gauge is a little farther apart. So hence, they’re more susceptible to laying down and then not necessarily bouncing back up. So right here I have what I would consider plush carpeting. These fibers are loose and the longer you walk on them the sooner it’s going to mat down over time.

Cut Pile Loop Mix:

This type of carpet will resist matting like crazy for many reasons. One, it’s got a low profile so it’s not standing up very high. It’s got a combination of a loop and a cut pile and all of that combined together, nylon, cut pile, and loops, prevent the matting down. And the best value is going to be a nylon that’s going to take many more years to mat down in those high-traffic areas.

Factors to Measure Durability of Carpets

So before we get into the different types of fibers, let’s talk about some of the different terminologies of carpet that are as follows:

Face weight and Pile Height:

Face weight is the amount of fiber per ounce in a square yard. So a carpet that might have a 35-ounce face weight and a lower pile height has a good density would be a better carpet and last longer and resist matting for a longer period of time.


Density is a calculation based on the face weight and the carpet pile height.

Fiber Twist:

Another factor that helps out in durability is called fiber twist. And so carpets have a twist rating on them. It’s not on the back of the carpet. The manufacturer could tell us if we ask them, but a carpet that has a low twist rate isn’t going to last as long. It’s going to frizz out on the top sooner and a carpet that has fibers with a high twist rate.

Carpet Fiber Materials

Let’s talk about the different carpet fibers that are available to you. There are about five different fibers that are as follows:

Olefin (Polypropylene) Carpet Fiber:

Olefin or Polypropylene is a very inexpensive fiber to produce but it has some weak points. For instance, olefin doesn’t resist friction very well. It’s a low-temperature melting point so you drag something heavy across that olefin and it could leave a mark because the fiber melted a little bit from the friction. It’s usually a solution-dyed fiber and what that means is that when they produce the fibers the color is all the way through the fiber and not just on the outside edge. A perfect example of that we use here is using the phrase it’s like a carrot or it’s like a radish.

Polyester Carpet Fiber:

Polyester is also a fiber that is affordable to produce. There are no patents on it so everybody can make the polyester fiber. Polyester has some great qualities to it. The colors are vibrant. It’s an excellent carpet option for children’s bedrooms or a master bedroom because it doesn’t get a ton of traffic and it’s soft underfoot. Most, if not all, of the fibers are solution-dyed. That solution dyed gives a great ability to resist staining. it resists bathing because that solution died. So polyester is a great fiber and it has a place in your home.

SmartStrand (Tri-Exta) Carpet Fiber:

SmartStrand or Tri-Exta is not a nylon, it’s not a polyester, and it’s kind of in its own category. It is one of those fibers however that does, if you want eco-friendly carpet options for your bedrooms it’s made from recycled products which then becomes smart strand.

Nylon Carpet Fiber:

There are a lot of different types of nylon and they have varying qualities and dependability to but overall nylon is a high-quality fiber. It’s going to resist staining, it’s going to resist matting down and it’s going to be excellent in high-traffic areas.

Natural Fiber Wool Carpet Fiber:

Wool is the original carpet. It’s made from sheep and it’s made from lamb’s wool twisted together into a fiber. When it gets wet, it releases dirt. The important thing about wool is that you really got to make sure you get it dry because it just doesn’t handle being wet for a long period of time. Wool is extremely durable and most people that have wool love it.

Carpet Maintenance and Care Tips

The carpet needs everyday care and maintenance to keep it fresh and new. Use the following tips to maintain and care for your carpet:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Clean spills immediately
  • Have your carpet cleaned professionally every year
  • Use a squeegee to remove pet hair

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bedroom Carpets

Advantages Disadvantages
It’s quieter It shows wear and tear
It’s softer It needs maintenance
It’s versatile It only works well in certain areas
It hides dirt It needs to be replaced periodically
It’s easier and faster to install It’s difficult to move

Carpet Padding and Its Benefits

Carpet padding can be made out of a variety of elements that include foam, fiber, nylon, and other essential materials. It offers the following benefits:

  • It minimizes the stress on your flooring
  • It has carpet sound absorption quality
  • It increases cushion and comfort for your feet
  • It prevents stains from going into the subfloor


What are the advantages of having carpet in bedrooms?

Having carpet in the bedroom makes it beautiful, quieter, softer, and versatile, and it hides dirt.

What are the drawbacks to bedroom carpets?

The bedroom carpet shows wear and tear needs maintenance, is not suitable for everywhere, is replaced from time to time, and it’s difficult to move.

What should be considered when choosing carpet for a bedroom?

While choosing carpet for the bedroom, consider the room design like wall color finish, windows, furniture, and bedding.

Which carpet styles are best suited for bedrooms?

Berber-style carpets are best suited for bedrooms because of the lop fibers.

How does carpet padding impact comfort and durability?

Carpet padding protects the underside of your carpet from wearing against the bare floor.

What are the best types of bedroom carpets for kids vs. adults?

We recommend high-pile carpets for kids’ bedrooms because of their comfort.

What are the environmental considerations when choosing a carpet?

While choosing a carpet, make sure it’s eco-friendly to keep the environment clean.

How does carpet color impact the overall aesthetic of a bedroom?

The color of the carpet impacts the overall aesthetic of the bedroom because it reflects the overall look and mood of your bedroom.

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