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How to Sharpen Drill Bits in 5 Easy Steps


5 Easy Steps to Sharpen Drill Bits

We’ll let you see and understand how to sharpen drill bits. So, to properly sharpen the drill you need to fulfil several conditions:

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The symmetry of the angle at the top.

Cutting edges should be as identical in length and shape as possible. If you want the drill bit to cut into the material, sharpening should be at a slight angle. So, we will explain to you how to fulfil these three simple conditions to properly sharpen the drill without any accessories.

Step1: Set up your Grinding Machine

Grinding wheels should not have radial and end vibrations. You can level the grinding surface of stones with a special diamond pencil. The distance from the auxiliary platform of your grinding machine to the grinding stone should be minimal. It may be 1 millimetre or less. This will increase your safety.

5 Easy Steps to Sharpen Drill Bits Also for safety purposes, never work with a grinding machine with gloves. For the convenience of sharpening the drill bit, draw several lines at an angle of 60 degrees on the auxiliary area of your grinding machine. These lines will help you keep the drill bit at the correct angle during sharpening.

Step2: Position the Drill Bit for Sharpening

For positioning the drill bit for sharpening, place your index finger on the pad. Put the drill on your finger. You must keep the drill parallel to the lines and the cutting edge of the drill to be horizontal.

5 Easy Steps to Sharpen Drill BitsThe drill at the beginning of the sharpening needs to be kept horizontally also.

Step 3:

As soon as the drill touches the grindstone, you direct its end upwards. You should strive to ensure that at the beginning of sharpening the metal is cut off less and at the end cut off more. Thus, you provide a sharpening angle of 7-10 degrees, which was discussed in paragraph 3 of the sharpening rules.

5 Easy Steps to Sharpen Drill BitsBut that is not all. While moving the drill up, it should also be parallel to the lines, and its cutting edge should remain horizontal.

Step 4: Sharpen the Other Side

After you have done one or more sharpening movements on one side, you turn the drill to the other side and do the same on the other side of the drill. Important! Do not change the position of your hands; you only have to turn the drill, and then your sharpening will be as symmetrical as possible.

Step 5: Analyze the Symmetry of Drill’s Faces

Constantly cool the drill in the water. Overheating of the drill may damage the tempering of the metal and the drill will become soft. Turn the drill to analyze the symmetry of its faces and the equality of the angles of inclination sharpening.

5 Easy Steps to Sharpen Drill BitsIf the edges or corners are not the same, add a single-edge grinding. Repeat this until the two sides are as equal as possible. It will not work for you immediately. You may need one or several hours to gain experience. But thanks to this, you can easily sharpen the old drill bit in a few minutes or less.

Step 6:Extra Sharpening Hack

At the top of the sharpened drill bit, you will see that its top does not have a sharp angle like a cone. At the top of the corner, there will be a jumper. This jumper is formed by the wall between the channels. For extra sharpening, you need a flat face of the grinding wheel. Do this sharpening on the same grinding wheel and hold the drill at about 45 degrees. After cutting the jumper, once again sharpen the cutting edges.


The step-by-step guide provided emphasizes the importance of setting up your grinding machine. Positioning the drill bit correctly, and executing precise sharpening movements. The emphasis on symmetry and safety measures demonstrates an approach to drill sharpening. With practice and attention to detail, you can master the process and efficiently sharpen your drill bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to sharpen drill bits?

Ans: The best way to sharpen the drill bits is either a bench grinder or a belt sander.

Q: Which is the best angle to make drill bits sharp?

Ans: Your two most common point angles will be 118 degrees and 135 degrees. A 118 drill bit is considered the universal standard for the majority of woods and soft metals. 135 degrees is a great point angle for drilling hard metals like steel.

Q: Is it worth sharpening drill bits?

Ans: Once you learn how to do it, then yes, especially if you do much drilling.

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