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How to Fix a Sagging Door


Is your door refusing to close properly, or does it sag awkwardly on its hinges? A sagging door affects the aesthetics of your space and leads to functional issues. So let’s fix this problem With 4 easy steps.

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Easy Steps on How to Fix a sagging Door:

We will show you four tips and tricks on fixing doors that don’t want to close.

Trick 1: Adjusting Hinges for a Perfect Fit

So if you look at your door, the left or the right side, there are hinges. Leave the middle and the bottom one alone; those hinges are primarily good. Top hinges are the ones that get most of the action when you try to open and close the door. You can use a nail or a mini screwdriver, whatever tool you can, to get that hinge pin or hinge bolt out of there. Just pop those and strike it upwards, and those should pop right out.

Adjusting Hinges for a Perfect FitWhen you take those out, you can see that the hinges will come apart, and that’s what’s driving this door, it’s rubbing against that door jamb. That’s why it’s not closing in; you want that gap. You can use credit cards if you have any hard card or anything like that and just stack them into whatever interval you want. You can even double-shim it, you can double-shim if you can’t get it through the crack that you want.

It’s better to start first at the bottom. Just push it up so you can wedge it right to the door to get the proper distance from the jam. And to the door, you need to have that nice even space throughout the bottom. Then, it would help if you took out that shim and have that nice gap between your door jam and your door. So that it doesn’t make any more contact, and it’s smooth and closes right just like that.

Tip 2: Check out all the hardware Attached to your Door and your Door Jamb

It would help if you took your flathead screwdriver or your Phillips screwdriver. Just check every single screw that’s attached to the wood or the door. In case you have a loose mechanism or a loose hardware on your door, take the screw out. The easy solution for this is that you can use toothpicks. So, you can use any wooden scraps you have, even skinny shims.

Check out all the hardware Attached to your Door and your Door JambYou can flip them around, use the butt end to get more surface area, and then break them off. Just go up and down, and they should break in there. That should build up enough mass in there so that when you start screwing back your screw, it should tighten right back up.

Use your Phillips head screwdriver, and then start tightening it up. It should tighten well. And it should suck that door back outward.

Tip 3: Securing Loose Door Hinges

Securing Loose Door HingesIf you want to suck the hinge back out there and if it’s loose, use a general-purpose screw that is about a two-and-a-half-inch screw. You’re just going to force that screw and make it contact with the stud wherever that is, you know so that you can have that nice tight screw.

Tip 4: Adjusting Door Hinges

Pop every one of the hinges off. But before you do that, you want to determine how far down you will move this. So, you will measure how far of the distance you want to lower your door. And you’re going to draw it out. You’re going to chisel the door out so that you can move these hinges down about a quarter inch down or an eighth inch down.

Adjusting Door Hinges You can go to the door itself to avoid that method. But this time, you will have to chisel out the top portion, the middle, and the bottom hinges. So there are two ways you can do it: either at the door jamb area or the door itself.


In conclusion, a sagging door can be a persistent issue affecting your living space’s functionality and aesthetics. This guide’s four tips and tricks offer practical solutions to rectify doors that stubbornly resist closing by adjusting hinges for a perfect fit and securing loose door hardware. These methods ensure your door operates smoothly.


Q: Can a sagging door be fixed?

Ans: Yes, a sagging door can be fixed easily.

Q: Specify a reason for the fall of doors.

Ans: a loose hinge is one of the leading causes of a dropped door, and it can be easily solved.

Q: How do you straighten a dropped door?

Ans: It includes repairing existing hinges, removing spacers, and checking if screws are stripped. And it includes using anchor screws, cleaning door hinges, sanding the top of the door, sanding the door jamb, and replacing hinges.

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