How to Fluff a Christmas Tree?


Modern artificial Christmas trees are designed to look incredibly real with extendable branches. Some even come with snow dusting or built-in fairy lights, eliminating the hassle of dealing with tangled cables every year. Despite these advancements, when it comes to artificial trees, there’s no escaping the need to “fluff” them.

The importance to fluff a Christmas tree for a realistic look is emphasized by:

Annie Bloom, Big W ambassador and creative director of Visual Empire

Patford, a crafter, blogger, and Spotlight ambassador

They explained that Christmas trees are compactly packed in boxes for storage.

Step-by-Step Process to Fluff a Christmas Tree

Correctly sculpturing an artificial Christmas tree is essential for achieving a full and realistic look. These tips will consult you throughout the process, making sure your tree is holiday-ready and worthy of a festive catalogue.

Having an unnatural Christmas tree is a practical choice, especially if you prefer to start your holiday decor early. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with a dry, fire-prone real tree or constantly cleaning up fallen pine needles. Real trees require last-minute purchases and frequent watering to stay alive.

To make the most of your artificial tree, follow these steps for proper fluffing and shaping:

What You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • Step ladder or step stool
  • Artificial Christmas tree & stand


1: Wear Gloves

Protect your hands and arms from scratches by wearing gloves. If your tree didn’t come with gloves, gardening or vinyl household gloves will work.

2: Use a Step Ladder (if needed)

If your tree is taller than 6.5 feet, a step ladder will help reach and fluff the top sections.

3: Separate Branches

Work on one bough at a time. Segregate branches so that they expand in all directions-one part veering to left and the other to right, and one pointing up. This mimics the natural look of real trees. Repeat this for each branch, ensuring they go in different directions.

4: Work Section by Section

Start with the base area of the tree. Once the branches in that particular section are muffled aerated in opposite directions, fit section 2 and continue your working style up.

5: Fluff Inner Branches

Pay attention to the inner sections, not just the outer branches. Fluffing these inner areas creates a more realistic appearance.

6: Evaluate and Adjust

Stand back and evaluate the tree as you work your way to the top. Look for gaps and adjust branches to ensure an even appearance. If your tree is pre-lit, turning on the lights can help identify any gaps.

7: Decorate

Once the tree is muddled up and shaped, it’s the time to decorate. Take your time to add depth, dimension, and texture for a beautiful end result. Ornaments can additionally be used strategically to cover any remaining gaps.

8: Conceal The Base

Finish by hiding the foundation of the tree with a tree skirt, tree collar, or basket for a polished look.

Following these steps will help you create a stunning, lifelike artificial Christmas tree.

Tips and Tricks to Fluff a Christmas Tree

If you’re wondering how to fluff a Christmas tree, the experts offer some steps:

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Experts recommend wearing a long-sleeved shirt or gloves to avoid scratches from branches. Keep a dustpan and broom nearby to clean up any fallout, especially if you have kids or pets around.

2. Spread Out the Branches

Start fluffing either from the base and work your way up or vice versa, depending on personal preference. Spread out the branches on each layer as you assemble the tree. Shake it a bit to loosen up the branches.

3. Create Some Dimension

After separating the main branches, fluff by putting your hands inside the tree and working your way out. Bend each branch in different directions for a natural look.

4. Check Your Tree as You Go

Stand back periodically to ensure evenness from all sides. Adjust branches to fill any bald spots or negative space.

5. Add Some Fullness

If the tree still looks flat, consider inserting decorations further inside the tree to cover holes. Christmas tree filler branches, garlands, or tinsel can add fullness. Gemma suggests using fabric strips, preferably velvet, for a luxurious look.

6. Hide Flaws with Decorations

If problematic patches remain visible, use large baubles, oversized flowers, or long ribbons to hide gaps. Flowers like poinsettias, magnolias, or gerberas work well for filling spaces.

Following these steps will help ensure that your artificial Christmas tree looks full and lifelike.


Opting for an artificial Christmas tree comes with a longer lifespan. This ensures that it will last the entire holiday season and the welcome absence of falling needles. To ensure your tree looks its fullest and most appealing, it requires proper fluffing before you start decorating.


Q: What is fluffing a tree?

Ans: To make the tree look as full as possible, you will need to shape, or “fluff,” its branches.

Q: How do you make a Fluffy Christmas tree?

Ans: Start with the branches which are both lowest on your tree and closest to the centre pole. Gradually work around each layer, moving towards the front of your tree as you go. Lift one branch tip and wrap it back around the pole of the branch.

Q: How do I make my Christmas tree look fuller?

Ans: Enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree by strategically arranging ornaments in layers. Begin by embellishing the inner side branches with larger decorations, gradually changing to smaller ones towards the outer edges. This method adds a beautifying depth and dimension to your tree’s festal display.

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