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What is a Solarium?


A solarium is a closed glass structure with a glass roof and it allows sunlight to directly pass through it. It is also known as sunroom. A solarium is an easy way to expand your home, adding both value and extra space for everyone to enjoy.

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Types of Solarium

There are two types of solariums:


All-season Solarium

All-season rooms use energy-efficient windows and materials, keeping them warm even in winter. They are easily cooled by opening the windows to let in a breeze


Three-season SolariumThree-season rooms use less energy-efficient components but can be heated on most days with a small room heater. They are easily cooled by opening the windows to let in a breeze

Is a Solarium worth the cost?

For new construction, it’s a relatively easy addition. It’s good for resale, reasonable in cost, and versatile for entertainment or flex space. It provides additional storage and adds lots of natural lighting. However, it can be colder than other rooms, not too much privacy, and requiring more window coverings. It limits use during cold months if not a four-season solarium.

If you desire a unique space with an outdoor feel, a solarium could be ideal. However, if you’re focused on a return on investment, you might want to reconsider.

Helpful Tips for Building a Solarium

Solariums are gaining popularity as an alternative to screen porches. Because they offer year-round use with energy-efficient windows and insulation. First, consider whether you’ll open the walls to connect to an existing room or have a separate area accessed through a door. This decision affects heating, cooling, flooring, and interior connections.

When attaching a solarium, determine how to heat and cool it. Attached it to an existing HVAC system or consider installing an efficient mini-split system. For flooring, keep it consistent with the existing interior if the solarium has an open floor plan. You’ll have more options for flooring like tile, hardwood, or carpet.

Skylights can replenish lost sunlight, and strategic window placement maintains natural light. Plan lighting for evenings, considering ceiling fans, recessed lights, wall sconces, and lamps. Lastly, plan furniture placement considering sunlight entry, walkways, and doors. It creates a functional and aesthetically pleasing solarium. With these tips, you can plan a beautiful solarium for year-round use.

How to Build a Solarium

Once you’ve decided to make your home brighter and more valuable by adding a sunroom, it might seem tricky to figure out how to make it happen. But don’t worry, we’ve simplified the process into easy steps, so you can feel confident about turning your sunroom dream into a reality. Here’s a breakdown of each important step:

Get Your House Ready

  • Decide where your sunroom will be and get your house ready for it.
  • Depending on where you want the sunroom, you might need to make changes to the walls or use an existing door.
  • Before making big changes, make sure things like wiring and plumbing are set up. Build the Base
  • Create a foundation for your sunroom unless you’re building on existing concrete.
  • Making sure the foundation is done right is super important for your sunroom to last.
  • This step involves digging, levelling the ground, and following building rules. Build the Walls
  • Use strong aluminium frames for the walls that also keep the room warm or cool.
  • Seal the walls carefully to stop air or water from getting in, so you can use your sunroom all year. Add Doors and Windows
  • Choose the doors and windows you like for your sunroom.
  • Pick from different door types, like big doors or French-style ones.
  • Use a special glass that keeps your sunroom insulated in every season. Make it Comfortable
  • If your home’s heating and cooling system can’t reach the sunroom, add a special system.
  • A ductless heat pump is a good choice for controlling the temperature.
  • Make sure your sunroom keeps the right temperature, making it comfy all year. Personalize Your Space
  • Add your personal touch by choosing frames for the inside of your sunroom.
  • Frames come in different materials and colors to match your style.
  • Complete your sunroom with lights, fans, furniture, and decorations for a cosy and unique space.
  • Now that you know the easy steps, you’re ready to start creating your sunroom. Global Solariums makes it simple, using high-quality materials to build a sunroom you’ll love all year round.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a solarium, or sunroom, enhances homes by providing abundant natural light and scenic views. Despite potential drawbacks, strategic planning ensures ideal comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why solarium is used?

Solarium is used to get as much light as possible.

Q: What does solarium use?

Ans: A solarium uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation to comfort the skin.

Q: Point out the difference between a sunroom and a solarium.

Ans: A solarium has large paned windows instead of walls. A sunroom has the same roof construction as the main home.

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